April 20, 2024

Even in this offensive slump the Buffalo Bills are going through, quarterback Josh Allen is a lot of fun to watch. Despite a few setbacks along the road, he is an excellent quarterback performing at a high level.

Allen displayed a little flare during the game against the Cincinnati

The NFL decided that was much over the line for someone to just point, and they fined that person $10,927. To be sure, they chose to overlook the obvious tripping no-call that Dalton Kincaid had encountered later in the competition.

The NFL has previously determined that a Buffalo Bills player’s spectacular celebration went too far. Stefon Diggs received a fine a few weeks ago for his spectacular Stone Cold Steve Austin fan celebration.

The NFL is going to target Allen again for being a little extra before or after entering the endzone because he has a lot of fire in his game. We adore this man’s style of play, and we would have appreciated it much more if the squad had managed to come out on top.

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