April 20, 2024

After selecting three new players for the Crimson Tide, the head football coach who will succeed the great Nick Saban had a quiet but noteworthy National Signing Day, according to sports reporters.

With linebacker Quinton “QB” Reese, edge rusher Noah Carter, and wide receiver Ryan Williams, new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer was able to close the deal. In DeBoer’s first signing day as the head coach of the Alabama football program, Williams is regarded as the most important addition. The wide receiver is rated fourth overall in his 2024 class and as the second-best athlete in Alabama.

At first, Noah Carter committed to play for the Washington Huskies, DeBoer’s former squad. When Alabama was able to get DeBoer to come to Tuscaloosa, he requested to be released from his letter of intent. The 218-pound, 6-foot-tall athlete is ranked ninth in the class and second in the state of Arizona.

In September of 2023, Reese made his commitment to the Crimson Tide during Nick Saban’s tenure as Alabama’s head coach. Even when the coach was replaced, the linebacker remained with the Tide. Reese is ranked among Alabama’s top-50 players.

According to an APR story, University of Alabama students will be closely monitoring DeBoer’s performance. Maggie Gilliam stated, “I think those first three games are going to be pretty critical for him.” The morning Alabama announced DeBoer as their new head coach, the Austin, Texas, sophomore from UA gave her comments to APR.

“Most likely three games,” she remarked. If he can maintain the winning streak from the first three games, I’ll give him something like that. I believe he’ll be alright.

And if you consider that difficult…

Conley Edwards, a Little Rock native and sophomore at UA, stated, “I’ll give him through like, honestly, I feel like everyone’s gonna be super duper critical that first game.”

“I anticipate a lot of excitement for the opening game, and I’ll give him my all for the first half of the season after that. When people say things like, “Well, after two years, he can go well, let’s start looking for someone new, or, oh, yeah, this is our new franchise coach,” she suggests looking at our track record.

My next destination was Alabama’s first press conference under Coach DeBoer.

“I’m excited for the first game and will give him everything I’ve got for the first half of the season.” She proposes looking at our track record when people say things like, “Well, after two years, he can go well, let’s start looking for someone new, or, oh, yeah, this is our new franchise coach.”

My next stop was Coach DeBoer’s first press conference at Alabama.

“I have three.” Alright, I was checking to make sure I had that many,” DeBoer laughed. But here’s the point, you know. I’m going to ask my staff and our guys to bring their best energy, attitude, and effort. I’m also going to ask myself to provide my best energy, attitude, and effort. Hopefully, that’s all they asked of me. We contribute our best effort, attitude, and energy. We needed to be astute and get to work. It is imperative that we have highly skilled personnel, both in terms of athletes and staff, as well as persistent individuals.

Maggie Gilliam and Conley Edwards, two sophomores at UA, seem fairly hopeful about Kalen DeBoer’s performance as Alabama’s new head coach, despite the pressure and expectations. According to Edwards, the Tide might get a break under the new twelve-team playoff format.

They have a far better probability of making the playoffs and winning the title the next year as a result. Given the number of NCAA schools who compete, I think the four-game playoff format is a little strange, but I’m looking forward to seeing more potential for upset victories and how the playoffs will unfold once they do. I believe that will benefit the league going forward.

Maggie Gilliam had the final say about Coach DeBoer.

“Last season, he performed well. He came in and liked competing against Michigan, therefore he liked me,” she remarked. Therefore, I think it would be fair to have him as a coach because, well, he made what? I’m not sure what they’re, say, twenty-five says, yes, but he didn’t, alright. Furthermore, while not being in the SEC, teams like Washington could still enter and compete against SEC teams. They don’t typically face competition like that. Thus, I feel mostly at ease about it.

Among sports media, Ryan Williams, a wide receiver, seems to be the most talked about signing. He’s already being compared to former standout receiver from Alabama DeVonta Smith, whose game-winning catch in overtime propelled the Crimson Tide to victory over Georgia in the 2018 national championship. Along with former tide quarterback Jalen Hurts, Smith is currently a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, where he plays alongside a group of former Nick Saban players, including defensive end Terrell Lewis, wide receiver Julio Jones, offensive guard Landon Dickerson, and cornerback Eli Ricks.


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