April 20, 2024

A significant portion of the Washington Commanders’ cap was used to bolster the offensive line by adding starters and backups who might offer crucial depth. Both roles might be filled by guard Nick Allegretti, who is eager to play for a new squad. These are five interesting facts about the former offensive tackle for the Chiefs.

1. He excelled as a high school athlete and was an all-state wrestler.

In the NFL, the word “athlete” is typically connected to skill players; nevertheless, Allegretti demonstrates that there are offensive lineman that defy this stereotype.

Allegretti was a mainstay for Lincoln-Way East High School and was rated by 247sports as the nation’s 11th best high school center. Not only was he skilled at finishing plays—during his junior and senior seasons, he did not allow a sack—but he was also adept at finishing blocks. Over his career, he had 125 pancake blocks, with 56 of those coming in 2013.

During his senior year, Allegretti received a ton of recognition and was recognized as an all-state Army All-American. He also assisted his team in making it to the IHSA class 7A playoffs. In addition, Allegretti completed an outstanding wrestling career, placing third in class 3A and ending with a 45-2 record.

2. He gathers change.

Coin collection is Allegretti’s hobby, as is true for everyone.

Allegretti’s fascination with coins dates back to his early years, during which he used to gather wheat pennies—that is, pennies with two wheat stalks instead of the Lincoln Memorial. But it wasn’t until he was 13 and went to a nearby coin store with a family friend that his enthusiasm for it really took off. The background of each coin and its significance captivated him. It eventually developed into a constructive fixation.

Allegretti currently possesses thousands of coins, and on occasion, he will divulge some knowledge about his favorites. **On March 11, he appeared as a guest on The Coin Shop Podcast to discuss a coin he discovered that was discovered to be from the 1700s.**

Commanders offensive lineman Allegretti and card collector Andrew Wylie share a passion for collecting historical objects, with Wylie specializing in Pokémon, football, and Marvel cards, and Allegretti showcasing his love for collecting rare items.

3.He successfully caught a touchdown pass.

Offensive lineman Allegretti almost never gets to catch touchdown passes, but he did in a playoff match against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the ball at the Steelers’ 1-yard line, Allegretti made an easy grab at the goal line, putting the Chiefs up 28-7. His fellow linemen congratulated him.

Allegretti hyped up a play, expecting it to go away, but instead, the ball came. The play was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury may replicate it this season

4. He was a semifinalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year.

Allegretti wasn’t just a leader on the football field at Illinois; he was a fervent supporter of giving back to the community and often got recognized for it.

Allegretti, a two-time Wuerffel Trophy nominee, was named one of 20 semifinalists for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year award, an annual honor for FBS college football players demonstrating exceptional leadership.

Wisconsin’s D’Cota Dixon won the award, but Allegretti’s community service at Illinois included volunteering with the Tom Jones Challenger League and serving as chapter president for Uplifting Athletes, raising over $88,000 for rare disease research.

In 2024, Allegretti viewed Washington as the prime spot for a competitive team, valuing Coach Quinn’s career accomplishments. With several open offensive line spots, he viewed Washington as a great opportunity. Despite lacking starting experience, Allegretti was part of a unit that protected Mahomes, earning an MVP season in 2022 and another Pro Bowl in 2023.

Allegretti isn’t looking for guarantees; he just wants a chance to show what he can do to contribute.

“I have a ton of respect for the guys in Kansas City,” Allegretti said. “I enjoyed my role there, but I think I had gotten to the point in my career where I wanted to come and be a starter in Week 1. That’s my goal.”

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