April 20, 2024

Northridge High School mourns the death of junior Dennis Griffin, who passed away at UAB Hospital.

Northridge High has lost a student named Griffin, who was a student, athlete, and friend. Counselors and social workers are visiting the school to help students cope and provide resources for grieving faculty and staff.

The school emphasizes the importance of parents having discussions with their children and offering a link with tips for grieving through different age groups.

A juvenile’s death coincides with two students’ deaths in a crash at Bryant High School in Tuscaloosa, causing concern for the entire Tuscaloosa City Schools system.

Investigation continues into a 24-year-old man’s death in Northport, with police urging anyone with information to cooperate.

A University of Alabama Honors student suffered a traumatic brain injury from violent, racist hazing at a fraternity, according to a lawsuit filed.

Sports Illustrated plans to build an ultra-luxe resort in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for college sports fans, expected to open in 2025.

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