May 30, 2024

Stefon Diggs, a former Buffalo Bills player, has sent a farewell message to his fans after being traded away by the Buffalo Bills. The move was unexpected due to Diggs’ unhappiness with the organization and the large cap hit the Bills had to take.

Buffalo Bills star, Aaron Wilson, expressed his love and respect for the city and the Bills organization after a dead cap hit, despite financial struggles. He expressed gratitude for the Buffalo Bills and the city, expressing his appreciation for the team and its fanbase.

Diggs praised the fanbase, teammates, and organization for their “special” efforts, despite not winning Super Bowls, and will now join Houston to help C.J. Stroud and the offense.

Josh Allen’s growth, largely due to the Bills’ trade for Diggs, could significantly boost the Texans’ playoff chances in 2024, despite their absence last season.

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