May 25, 2024

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers tried to reach out to Dolphins’ linebacker Jaelan Phillips over the weekend after Phillips also tore his Achilles at MetLife Stadium.

‘I don’t know him personally, but I’ve heard great things about Aaron Rodgers and the type of human being he is,’ McDaniel said.

‘I think he was working some channels to get in touch with Jaelan as of late night through a couple people tat have some relationships with him,’ McDaniel added. ‘I think he’s a smart guy that’s not afraid to chase the most exotic sciences.’

McDaniel added Phillips could be open to various means of rehabilitation, as Rodgers has similarly claimed.

Phillips tore his Achilles in a noncontact injury while playing the Jets at MetLife Stadium on Friday.

McDaniel wasn’t privy to the details on any conversation or whether contact between Rodgers and been Phillips had officially been made.

The 40-year-old Dolphins head coach did speak to the importance of talking to people who have been through similar situations, like Phillips and Rodgers have been.

Rodgers hasn’t played since Sept. 11, when he tore his Achilles on the fourth offensive possession of his Jets career.

Since his opening-week injury, Rodgers has flirted with a comeback this season, heavily bucking the trend of a usual six-to-nine month recovery for a torn Achilles.

Rodgers has also been a guide of sorts for other players who have suffered leg injuries this season, as Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins spoke with the Jet after he tore his Achilles on Oct. 29.

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