April 20, 2024

Confirmed: Matterson released from Wests Tigers.

Well that’s just bloody lovely isn’t it. He’s happy to play for a crap team and get the wooden spoon, but abhorred at the thought of coming to us! Why the hell are we so maligned by players all the time? We are far from the worst team in the comp.

The carry on about Arrow astounds me I guess it is an indication of how far standards have fallen in the NRL, We miss out on Arrow, no doubt a youngster will come through and fill the gap Matterson leaves. Garner came from a low level recruitment (no offense to Garner) and look how it turned out?

Because we don’t stand for anything! I’ve asked the question before, who are we? When we were Balmain, we played at Leichhardt. When were Wests we played at Campbelltown. Wests Tigers play everywhere. We have no home, no tribalism. We are a manufactured commodity who have never planted any roots.
I think the Souths book of feuds is a massive wank, but at least it gives them something. So ill ask again…….What the …(fill in the blank) do we actually stand for or represent?

I can tell you 100%, i have spoken to a current 1st grade player, and they feel homeless. The answer when i asked about BankWest is “it’s not our home”. Now thats not to say it can’t be, but by not planting roots anywhere, we will never grow.

Well the 10 year lease with anz didn’t help just have to grin and bear it until that’s finally over.
Yep agree. Unfortunately grin and bear it until we have an admin that bite the bullet to make us belong to someone.

I think it’s amusing at the chatter on how the COE will help. Love the idea, and we do need it, but it will be far from exclusive.

Plenty of other teams building one; Eels building one in Kellyville. Sharks behind their stadium. Manly in process of building one also.

Great post, we’ve turned into a bit of a nothing club.
Well, I’m firmly in the ‘one home ground’ camp and I don’t believe Campbo should be that ground so I agree with you. We need, but lack, a strong leader.
It’s starting to smell a bit like the magpies of the late 90’s.

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