July 20, 2024

Longhorns Daily News: Colt McCoy: Arch Manning’s two-year development is good for Texas

Texas Longhorns legend Colt McCoy recently opened up on the advantages backup redshirt freshman quarterback Arch Manning has created for both himself and the program by opting to sit behind returning starter Quinn Ewers, a redshirt junior, for two years.

“If I’m a high school quarterback, there’s one place I want to play. I’d want to go play for [Sarkisian],” McCoy said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “You watch his offense, you watch the way that he calls plays, you watch the formations, the mismatches, the tells the quarterback gets before the ball is in his hand, that’s what you want to go play for. I think [Manning] recognizes that.”

As McCoy added, Manning’s time developing on the bench is an advantage for Texas.

“Arch is saying, ‘No, I’m very comfortable here where I’m at. We all want to play, but I’m learning, I’m growing, so when the ball is in my hands, I trust the system. I trust all this growth I’ve made my first two years,’” McCoy said. “I think he’s going to be well-prepared for that, it’s definitely an advantage for UT, to have a guy like that prepared.”

The mid-season matchup could significantly impact either team’s chances of making the SEC title game. The team that loses might have a tough time recovering. 10 key Texas players for the 2022 season: Upperclassmen take principal roles

“Because of the schedules that these two teams play, versus a schedule that Missouri plays. There’s a chance that you’re gonna get Missouri into the SEC Championship game based on who they plan and when,” Klatt said. “Then, the loser of this game, Georgia at Texas, is gonna have a very difficult road to get back and qualify in for the SEC Championship. Makes this a monster matchup between, I would contend, two national championship contenders.”

Georgia must win this game because of its intense schedule. In 2024, the Bulldogs face Alabama, Texas, and Ole Miss, all away from home.

“Georgia has a beast of a schedule, so in a lot of ways, I think they’ve got to go win this game. They play the three toughest teams in the SEC all on the road. At Alabama, at Texas, and at Ole Miss. That makes this

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