Leeds United has taken action to combat hate speech and abuse on social media.

Graham Smyth is furious with Leeds United when he hears “difficult” news about Patrick Bamford.

Following Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford’s revelation of what transpired to him during the previous season, Graham Smyth has become enraged.

The 30-year-old said on Thursday, February 8, on the BBC’s My Mate’s a Footballer podcast that after he missed a penalty in the team’s Premier League draw against Newcastle United, Whites officials had to set up security at his home. The forward was also compelled to delete his social media accounts.

On Thursday, Smyth tweeted that it would take a “proper moron” to show up at a football player’s house. He also said that it’s “difficult” to see how someone could be “that angry at one individual to begin with.”
To visit a football player at home, you’d have to be a complete idiot, the journalist from Yorkshire Evening Post remarked. It’s hard to conceive being that enraged at one person in the first place, let alone maintaining that enmity while you’re driving there. Strangers.

To Patrick Bamford, this is not what a true Leeds United fan would do.
There is no way that supporters should be showing up at a player’s house, therefore this is a huge line that was obviously crossed by a fan.

Even while we all love the game, it’s not life or death, so while everyone gets angry with players occasionally, it should never become too personal.
Nobody should have to worry about their family’s safety, and it is unacceptable for someone to take such extreme measures in order to vent their resentment.
The forward must have had a tough time because this is not something you would anticipate happening, so it makes sense that he lost all confidence in the months that followed.
However, the attacker now seems to have moved past that after displaying excellent play to reclaim his starting spot in the team at Elland Road at the beginning of this year.

A player who departed Elland Road in January has drawn comparisons between his new squad and his old Whites teammates in other Leeds United news.

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