BREAKING NEWS : Philadelphia Eagles key player explains why he needs to quit the club……

Jason Kelce says he wouldn’t coach at the college level due of the time commitment… but he would lead at the high school or NFL levels if offered.
Kelce claims that the time commitment required in college ranks is too onerous.
However, he would explore coaching young youngsters or professional athletes. covers all of the latest international sports news.

Jason Kelce seems to rule out coaching football in college, but he says he’s open to a post in high school or the NFL.

This this comes as the 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center contemplates retirement.

Kelce was asked on The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal if he’d ever consider teaching after his playing career ends, especially if it meant returning to his hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

‘If it was the number one school in Philadelphia, I might take it,’ Jason said. ‘My in-laws help out, I’m Philly right now… we’d be lost without their help with our girls and everything.

‘Cleveland heights would be something though. NFL, that’s a big time commitment.

College, no. Not interested. Its too much, you gotta recruit, you gotta coach, you’ll never be with your family.

‘I feel like the best two levels of coaching are high school, where you get to develop kids and really form them and help them grow into men and really offer that guidance.

‘And then in the NFL you get to compete at the highest level. it’s still a time commitment in the NFL but that’s where financially it kinda makes sense with the time commitment.’

Jason was in Las Vegas watching his brother Travis win his third Super Bowl with Kansas City.

Afterwards, he was seen partying it up with other Chiefs players at a nightclub on the Strip.

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