May 30, 2024

Eric Thomas asserts that Tiger fans have the right to be frustrated.

Eric Thomas discusses the frustration of Tiger fans, who are in the playoff hunt with a better chance of securing the AL Central crown. Despite the team’s success, fans are generally unfazed, expressing dissatisfaction with Jim Leyland and other players rather than being happy about the team’s prospects.

The media’s reliance on instant opinion can only provide insight into the actual events on the field. The Tigers have faced adversity, losing to teams barely able to play in majors, making it difficult to argue their success.

Eric Thomas discusses the frustration of Tiger fans, who have been feeling listless this year. Despite Detroit’s team in the playoff hunt and a better than average shot of grabbing the AL Central crown, fans have a queasy feeling. They often scream about Jim Leyland or a particular player rather than happy about the team’s postseason prospects. The media, a victim of the times, has been unable to build an argument that a team is going places when they have been abysmal. For fans, the way the team has been bad is what is frustrating. The team’s struggles have led to threatening comments on Twitter and TV.

The Tigers have left many runners on base and left the bases loaded multiple times without scoring a run, causing fans to express frustration. This has occurred multiple times in a week, leading to fans expressing their disinterest in watching the team. The season has been marked by near misses, such as Verlander’s no-hitter, double plays, and Brandon Inge’s personal loss to the Tigers.

The team’s struggles have led to frustration and a disappointing post-season. The team has spent a significant amount on Prince Fielder, but the future looks promising with the addition of Miggy and Garcia. The team’s lack of a new closer and shortstop is expected to be addressed, and Quentin Berry is expected to be an everyday player. The team’s next year is a do or die situation, with a focus on turning up heat gradually. The 2008-2010 rebuilding years were seen as rebuilding years.

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