June 20, 2024
An emotional Chris Powell has described the impact time with Sheffield Wednesday has had on him.

The Owls assistant coach played a monumental part in a historic resurgence that secured Championship safety under Danny Röhl. A former England international, Powell has quickly become a favourite among players and supporters since arriving in October.

His contract is up in the coming weeks, with the ex-Charlton Athletic manager having made clear in a radio interview that it was his decision, made on the basis he hadn’t worked with Röhl previously. Speaking in the days after the season ended, he indicated his desire to sign a new contract

Powell is the subject of a new episode of the ‘No Tippy Tappy Football’ podcast, presented by former Premier League manager Sam Allardyce and sports journalist Natalie Pike, in which he discusses a range of topics including the Owls’ remarkable Great Escape efforts. The episode is due for release on Thursday evening, but in a teaser snippet shared on social media, Powell reaffirmed his emotional attachment to the club.

“I’ve got to say, I think Sheffield Wednesday changed my life,” Powell said with tears in his eyes. “It saved my life in many ways. I had a bit of a health scare that I won’t go into, but then I joined Sheffield Wednesday in October.

“We had three points after 11 games, the previous manager had moved on and I got a call from Danny, through someone who knew Danny as well before we spoke. They asked if I fancied this role and the more I spoke to Danny, the more I felt it would be right for me.

“I remember saying to him ‘You know it would be a minor miracle if we do this, because no one has ever done it’.”

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