May 25, 2024

Tyrese Maxey might play in the Warriors vs. 76ers game on Tuesday.

Former Wildcat Tyrese Maxey Talks About Decision to Commit to Kentucky, Says "I Didn't Need Much Convincing" - KY Insider

The Philadelphia 76ers will play the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night to wrap up their road trip. Tyrese Maxey, the Sixers’ star guard, might be a valuable addition to the Bay as they have been struggling of late. The Sixers’ road performance against the Indiana Pacers last week was unsatisfactory. Even though Joel Embiid and Maxey, their star duo, were unharmed, both players sustained minor injuries throughout the game.

The Sixers considered playing without Maxey for just the second time this season as they got ready for their Saturday night game against the Denver Nuggets. The team’s injury report stated that Maxey had a sprained ankle. Regretfully, the Sixers

During the previous two games, the Sixers were unable to bounce back from the losses of Embiid and Maxey. The Sixers will try to recover from their Monday loss to Portland on Tuesday when they play the Warriors. Regretfully, they will have to proceed without Maxey once more serving as the starting backcourt. Due to his persistent ankle strain, the rookie guard is expected to miss three straight games. Golden State and the Sixers play two games this Tuesday, the first of which is against the Warriors. Maxey played 39 minutes and finished with 21 points, five assists, and four rebounds in the Sixers’ final game against the Warriors in March of last year.

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