May 30, 2024

The New York Giants are considering the future of starting quarterback Daniel Jones due to his torn ACL injury, and are heavily scouting top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft class.

Buffalo Bills rebuild after trading Diggs, but potential trade for QB Josh Allen could complicate the situation. Evan Roberts suggested the Giants trade for Allen, a dream for Giants fans but a nightmare for Bills Mafia.

WFAN radio host proposes a significant trade for Josh Allen, resulting in a blockbuster deal with the Giants.

Roberts suggested a blockbuster trade for the Giants in response to the Bills’ trading of Diggs.

Josh Allen, a former Buffalo resident, is unhappy with his life in Buffalo and prefers shopping in New York City, according to WFAN’s Roberts, who suggests a trade could occur.

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen is contacted to inquire about Josh Allen’s availability, as they have the sixth pick in the draft, Daniel Jones, and other assets to help rebuild the team.

The Giants are considering a possible trade for Allen.

Roberts suggests the Giants could trade their No. 6 pick for Allen in a significant trade, but he fails to recognize that the No. 6 pick is just the starting point in negotiations. Allen, a perennial MVP candidate, is considered untouchable by the Bills and would not be considered for such a deal.

The Giants fans would be dreaming of a dream come true by trading for Allen.

Giants fans dream of trading Allen to revive fanbase and return team to postseason prominence, reunited with head coach Brian Daboll, credited with Allen’s development.

Josh Allen, a two-time Pro Bowl winner, has been a finalist in MVP voting and a second-team All-Pro. He led the Buffalo Bills to an 11-6 record and the AFC East championship in 2023. The Giants, despite their desire to trade for Allen, will not consider doing so in 2024.

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